Best smartwatch and fitness tracker deals for the Amazon Spring Sale 2023

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Best smartwatch and fitness tracker deals for the Amazon Spring Sale 2023

n our technologically advanced world, don’t tell me your watch only tells the time? That is pre-2015. Why this date? Well that’s when the Apple Watch was released and the ability to do far more than keep up with the hour and minute of any present day entered the mainstream. Of course, the likes of Garmin existed far early than this and Seiko had been manufacturing computer function-packed wrist pieces as early as 1980s but as is the case with all things Apple, this is when its innvovation caused a boom in the market. Now wearables are one of the most popular and greatest revenue categories on the market with smartwatches leading the way. Beyond just an Apple Watch, there are smartwatches across the spectrum of affordability and with a varying quantity of functions.

Fitbits and their step-counting devices were once the dominant label, joined by Samsung, Garmin, Xiaomi and more so you can find an option that pairs with your phone, computer or headphones with ease. Ever-growing in their information gathering, monitoring and sharing, you can keep up to date on your steps, blood pressure, heart rate, sleep quality, texts, calls, and even blood oxygen levels. You can even use to make payments and track fitness - all while having a fashion-forward timepiece. And if you shop during Amazon Prime Day, you’ll be able to get all of that at a fraction of their RRP. Strap in because if you’re unfamiliar with Amazon’s Prime Day sale, you may just have your mind blown.

It’s the online retailing giant’s discount extravaganza that took place twice in 2022. There was one in July as a mid-summer treat and another in October, a pre-sale to Black Friday. The retailer says it is when they will be offering its best ever discounts. The Amazon Spring Sale is set to follow suit. The Spring Sale will be live from 18:00 on Monday, March 27 until 23:59 on Wednesday, March 29.

Prime Day is an event exclusively for Amazon Prime Day customers. This means you will need to subscribe to being a Prime customer. This will give access to the sale, unlimited next day delivery, Prime Video, free Kindle books and far more, making the outlay of £8.99 a month or £95 a year stretch further. This is not the case for the Spring Sale where anyone and everyone can get involved.

Amazon has revealed that there will be up to 35 per cent on wearable from the likes of Google, Samsung and more. Was: £379 Was: £449 Apple’s latest smartwatch - the Apple Watch Series 8 - is unsurprisingly the most advanced to date. The ultimate health companion, it takes monitoring to the next level to include Crash Detection that automatically connects you to emergency services, providing your location and notifying your contacts as well as improving the sensors to monitor your blood oxygen levels, heart rate and ECG sensors. It also records your daily activity for an in-depth analysis of your workouts, all while acting as a satellite phone so you can get calls and texts, ask for help and use Apple Pay. Was: £419 Was: £849 Was: £849 Was: £259 Was: £299 Was: £319 Something particulalry special about purchasing the Fitbit Vera 4 is that it comes with a six-month premium membership with Fitbit, for deeper insights and guidance, exclusive workouts, mindfulness sessions and more.

Demonstrate your ability to create a better you and snap one of these incredible gadgets up ASAP. was: £199.99 Was: £269.99 The Fitbit Versa 3 is designed to suit all kinds of people with the most variety of features in an easy to access design. If you're looking for a premium Fitbit without splashing out on the most expensive models, this is a brilliant midpoint for ticking all of the boxes at a more affordable price - especially if you grab it during Prime Day.

The Versa 3 comes in a different range of colours from its predecessor and features a larger number of features, like a Daily Readiness Score to help you plan your workouts and built in GPS. Was: £199.99 This smartwatch from Garmin has a bright AMOLED touchscreen display and a five day battery life. You can easily download songs and playlists from your Spotify and take advantage of the pre-loaded GPS and indoor sports apps and workouts. It has a broad range of health monitoring including respiration, menstrual cycle, stress, sleep and pulse ox.

was: £329.99 This iteration from Garmin offers extensive all day health monitoring features and more than 25 indoor and GPS sports apps. It also has preloaded workouts for cardio, yoga, Pilates and HIIT. You can pair it with your Apple or Android smartphone to get notifications delivered straight to your wrist. was: £349.

99 was: £279 Was: £599.99 Was: £779.99 Was: £249.99 Was: £199.99 Was: £479 Was: £269 Was: £49.


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