Life expectancy calculator tells if you'll reach 100 as UK 'falls down global ranks'

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Life expectancy calculator tells if you'll reach 100 as UK 'falls down global ranks'

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More info Group 28 Thank you for subscribing! We have more newsletters Show Me No thanks, close See our Privacy Notice Those who have wondered whether or not they'll reach 100 can find out using a clever tool. It has been made by the Office of National Statistics , and as well as revealing odds of reaching 100 it shares your life expectancy based on your current age. While life expectancy continues to improve, experts say that UK life expectancies are not increasing in-line with other countries. It comes as a new report states the UK is 'falling down the global ranks'. It found that the UK has performed worse than all other G7 countries except the USA for life expectancy.

Read More Related Articles The 'right' amount of pillows to have in your bed depending on how you sleep Read More Related Articles Tobacco price hikes explained as smokers face 15% increase from tonight Following the recent news, some might want to know their life expectancy. They can do so by plugging their current age and sex into the below ONS tool. Between 1950 and 2020, life expectancy increased from 68.63 to 80.43 years of age, however it has not kept pace with other 'advanced' countries including France, Germany, Italy and Japan.

One of the researchers, Dr Lucinda Hiam, of the University of Oxford and an honorary fellow at LSHTM , commented: "The rankings show that the only G7 country to do worse than the UK is the USA." Professor Martin McKee, co-author of the study from LSHTM, added: "While politicians invoke global factors, especially the effects of the pandemic and the invasion of Ukraine, the reality is that, as in the 1950s, the country suffers from major structural and institutional weaknesses." Top Trending Stories Today Martin Lewis warning for pension holders Chef's secret scrambled egg tip Drinks to never order on a plane Alcohol, cigarette, soft drink tax rises While the UK-wide life expectancy was found to be 80.43 years, it can vary somewhat depending on where you live specifically. Separate ONS data based on children born between 2018-2020 saw no areas in Scotland make it on to the top-10 list for life expectancy.

Unfortunately, many spots - including Glasgow - were listed among the worst areas for life expectancy. Worst areas for life expectancy - Males Glasgow - 73.14 Dundee - 73.8 Blackpool - 74.08 West Dunbartonshire - 74.

1 Inverclyde - 74.3 North Lanarkshire - 74.52 East Ayrshire - 75.23 North Ayrshire - 75.3 Middlesbrough - 75.

44 Manchester - 75.45 Top Health Stories Today Fermented foods may boost weight loss Bladder cancer symptoms Dementia study links disease with sleep New study shares benefits of green veg Worst areas for life expectancy - Females Glasgow - 78.28 Inverclyde - 78.59 West Dunbartonshire - 78.83 Blackpool - 78.

99 North Lanarkshire - 79.21 Dundee - 79.83 Stoke-on-Trent - 79.71 Knowsley - 79.75 East Ayrshire - 79.

81 Middlesbrough - 79.82 The authors of the new UK-wide study believe life expectancies are not increasing as quickly as some other nations due to factors including 'severe political and economic problems'. The study authors write: "At some point, it might be realised that proceeding along a particular path is slowly but surely resulting in the UK falling down the ranks. The headlines may be now, but the real causes would appear to have been decades in the making." Don't miss the latest news from around Scotland and beyond - Sign up to our daily newsletter here .

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