Man runs in front of armored Portland police vehicle

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Man runs in front of armored Portland police vehicle

A man suffered minor injuries Friday evening after jumping in front an armored Portland Police Bureau vehicle on Interstate 84. At about 7:30 p.m. Friday, a police officer was driving an armored Special Emergency Reaction Team vehicle westbound on I-84 near Northeast 82nd Avenue. The vehicle’s lights and siren were not in use.

The officer slowed down when he noticed traffic in the next lane had slowed. He saw the man on the freeway and ”initiated emergency braking and collision avoidance steering,” according to a news release from the Portland Police Bureau. The officer was unable to avoid the collision as “the man continued to move himself in front of the swerving police vehicle.” The officer immediately offered first aid and summoned emergency medical services. The man was sore but did not have any serious injuries, according to police.

After talking to the man, the officer and witnesses, police determined that the man was trying to commit suicide by jumping in front of vehicles. Before the collision with the police vehicle, the man’s arm was hit by the sideview mirror of another vehicle. The driver remained at the scene. Police placed the man under a police officer hold at a hospital to try to get him mental health treatment.

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