| New mysteries, characters and powerhouse performances - Lioness S2 will keep you glued to your seat

The Morning Mails | New mysteries, characters and powerhouse performances - Lioness S2 will keep you glued to your seat

After what feels like an eternity, M-Net's acclaimed and award-nominated dramatic thriller Lioness is back for season 2 – and there is a lot to look forward to. Fans and newcomers to the world of Samantha Hugo (played by Shannon Esra), her loved ones, her enemies and some snakes in the grass can expect more twists and turns to keep them glued to their seats. That season 1 cliffhanger! What's more dramatic than someone being shot while on the rooftop of a building? The fallout from that is just one storyline season 2 has in store. Can a secret that affects a family and is known by one too many people remain buried? The 'Lioness' in Samantha really comes out Having just worked her way back into her beloved children's lives, Sam will do anything to protect them – especially when they are in more danger than they have ever been. How do things pan out for Sam's sweet boy, Liam? The gentle giant (played by Joshua Eady) took part in a gruesome act during the season 1 finale – will he find his way back to the light or give in to darker desires? There are new mysteries to solve As Shannon Esra says: "Essentially, it's like putting a puzzle piece together that is constantly moving, and for every wrong decision we make, we make two more wrong decisions.

" New characters join the show From detective Max (played by Carl Beukes), who is like a dog with a bone, and Kevin (played by Ayden Croy), someone's new love interest, to Thomas (played by Theo Landey), who is another character's unhealthy new obsession, and Vera (played by Vinette Ebrahim), a cold mother trying to earn her daughter's forgiveness – there are new faces in town – and that's not good news for everyone. It will be interesting to see how they shake things up! The best action sequences yet As Natasha Sutherland, who reprises her role as Megan, says: "Season 2 is like season 1 – but on steroids." The storylines include revenge, kidnapping, vigilantism, and other crimes committed to cover up previous crimes. Dangerous liaisons There are inappropriate relationships and tangled-up love affairs as characters fall for who they shouldn't – sometimes with damaging consequences. Characters on a slippery slope We see some showing their softer side while others fall deeper into their shadow side.

As director Rolie Nikiwe says: "The objective was to push it a lot further," adding that in season 2, Sam "goes a lot darker". Powerhouse performances Just like in the first season, the show is character-driven, meaning viewers will enjoy some of the country’s greatest talents as they push themselves to unknown heights. "It's a fun mess to watch" Those are the words of season 2 newcomer Beukes, as viewers see the characters get more tangled up in webs of lies, deceit and violence. Lives are falling apart; there are more surprises and, of course, more twists in store. Lioness is available on M-Net (DStv 101) every Thursday at 20:00 from 26 January 2023.

It is also available to live-stream on the DStv App and will be on DStv Catch Up after broadcast.

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