R5 Sandton magwinyas shock SA – Nando’s blames Khanyi Mbau

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R5 Sandton magwinyas shock SA – Nando’s blames Khanyi Mbau

It’s been a busy day on Twitter in South Africa as a number of topics have trended – some pretty serious and others plain hilarious. One of those funny things about is reality TV star Khanyi Mbau’s secret music career that obviously went nowhere. A funny Tweep decided to share one of Khanyi’s songs called Gwinya on the app and left locals laughing out loud. Not long after the song surfaced, entertainment blogger Phil Mphela complained about the price of magwinyas (fat cakes) in Johannesburg North (Sandton and surrounding areas) which went from around R1 to R5. Things took an hilarious twist when fast-food restaurant Nando’s blamed Khanyi Mbau and her Gwinya song for the price of the fried delicacy.

ALSO READ: Nando’s quick to comfort shoppers devastated by loss of South Africa’s favourite mayonnaise I s Khanyi to blame for the price of Magwinyas in Sandton? Nando’s thinks so! Not many people know that Khanyi Mbau had a short dabble in the music industry around 10 years ago when she was still finding her feet as a socialite. It’s evident that nothing became of her singing days as she is more famous now for dating wealthy men and starring in a reality TV show. ALSO READ: Roasts all year-round: 5 Funny Nando’s tweets of 2022 This didn’t stop a Tweep from sharing one of Khanyi’s song called Igwinya on Twitter. Shortly after folks were treated to a good laugh from hearing the song, blogger Phil Mphela complained about how pricey magwinyas are in the north of Johannesburg. “Bathong! When did we get to magwinya costing R5 each? Or is it just a Joburg North thing?” asked Phil in his tweet.

The ever mischievous Nando’s market team wasted no time grabbing an opportunity to have some fun and decided to blame Khanyi and her song for the cost of the fried food . “Khanyi Mbau will pay for her sins” wrote the restaurant. ALSO READ: Nando’s fires shots at Eskom again: ‘Ke Dezemba no boss?’ Mzansi agrees! Nando’s weren’t the only people to blame Khanyi for the cost of magwinyas. Many social medias equally believed that it must be her song that has influenced the price. “It’s the Khanyi influence,” wrote one Tweep.

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