This US Doctor Lived With Dead Body For 7 Years Claiming She Was His 'True Love'

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This US Doctor Lived With Dead Body For 7 Years Claiming She Was His 'True Love'

Love is a beautiful feeling. But some love stories aren’t meant to be always blissful. Deemed “Dr Death”, Carl Tanzler from Florida, USA, once stole the body of a young patient from her grave and experimented on it in an attempt to bring her back to life. The creepy scientist was given many nicknames including “Florida’s Frankenstein” for this. Dr Tanzler preserved the corpse and replaced her eyes with glass and her face with a mask.

He lived with the corpse for seven years assuming it to be his “bride” until the experiments were discovered by the dead woman’s family and reported to the police. Identified as Maria Eleba Milagro de Hoyos, the dead woman’s vision of “ghosts” haunted the doctor. He was then convinced that the woman was his “one true love” and did not stop at his attempts to bring her back to life for seven years. While the disturbing true crime story can give anyone nightmares, Dr Tanzler was never prosecuted due to a legal loophole. Elena’s family was horrified to see her transformed corpse due to Tanzler’s work and her sister told the court that it was the most “grotesque thing” she had ever seen in her life.

But the doctor was convinced that he was trying to bring Elena back to life and not deforming her corpse with his experiments. Tanzler was introduced to 21-year-old Elena when she was his patient at a hospital in Key West, Florida. The German-born doctor was treating her for tuberculosis and had developed an obsession. He claimed that she was the incarnation of a ghost that visited him when he was young. Dr Carl Tanzler was born in Dresden in 1877 but eventually moved to the USA after World War 1 where he earned the name of Count Carl von Cosel.

He claimed that he had nine university degrees and had grown up in a castle. While his claims were about him being the “smartest doctor on the planet", Tanzler was nothing more than delusional. He claimed that a ghost had visited him when he was 12 and showed him his “future bride”. The ghost, he claimed was of one of his female ancestors. The spirit also brought the ghost of the bride that remained standing at the foot of his bed for seven days before vanishing.

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